Our Tippy Toes program offers many different genres to suit all different little personalities and interests! What all our classes have in common is that they are progression based and developmentally sound, offering your child a beneficial activity which enhances their social, emotional and physical development at rate best suited to them. 


Watch your little one tiptoe and twirl as they fall in love with dance! They will be introduced to classical ballet foundations through imagination and creative movement.


Burn some energy- Bounce, twist, skip, stomp and sing! 


With carefully considered  music  and dance moves, our jazz classes offer an energetic and fun introduction to modern dance in an age appropriate way.


Acro is the perfect opportunity for your active, adventurous little preschooler to roll, tumble, crawl, bounce and dance! Your child will build their strength, flexibility, coordination, participating in our specialist acro program from Acrobatic Arts.

We recommend registering your child through our parent portal for a clearer view of which classes/levels are best for them to start in! You can also book trial classes and add your child to the waitlist for full classes in the portal too! Don't forget children starting full-time school who are happy to enter class independently are welcome in our Junior Program.


Don't worry about getting the level right as you enrol, our Tippy Toes program is progressive, not age-based so our teachers will ensure your child is moved to the appropriate level in the first few sessions!


EDI is not not afraid to do things differently, and our payment system is one way we are making the dance experience more manageable for families!


EASY monthly payments made by direct debit each month.

SIMPLE  Nothing more to pay! Your child will be provided with everything they need to get the most out of their dance experience, you don't need to organise a thing!

CONVENIENT budgeting for families, there are no hidden costs and invoices to pay throughout the year!

Here's what is included:​​

  • All administration, insurance and licensing fees

  • Term time tuition

  • Uniform

  • Dance shoes

  • Recital fees

  • Recital costume

  • Videography

  • Photography

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