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EDI is a dance school where young dancers can access, embrace and excel in dance away from the high levels of competition and pressure that is evident in today's dance culture. Each student's individuality is embraced, and their physical, social and emotional well-being are a priority. Enrolment at EDI is not simply about dance classes it is a holistic dance education that advances both dance technique and personal development.

EDI began with Tippy Toes, our preschool program for children aged 2-5 years, in 2014. ​Demand for Tippy Toes classes grew beyond all expectations and as the school progressed the classes became more than a pre-school activity for little dancers. It became apparent that parents were finding it difficult to find a safe space for their children to learn dance, and few offered a philosophy or values similar to that of Tippy Toes. It was with that realisation that EDI was established offering exceptional programs and outcomes for dancers of all ages. EDI has grown into a beautiful community of young dancers and their families and now offers classes in ballet, jazz, tap, acro and flamenco.

We are located just off the freeway in Osborne Park so very easy to access from north and south of the river.


"My idea was simple and only what I had hoped to find for my own daughter  elsewhere... there would be no screaming at the door because parents are welcome in class, to allow independence and confidence to grow at a rate best suited to the child, no make-up, no competitions, age-appropriate moves and music, no overwhelming concert and developmentally beneficial classes! Basically all the benefits Dance is known for without any of the negative perceptions and ‘Dance Mom’ culture. I love that we are now also able to cater for children after the preschool years, and give them a dance-home for life!"

-Lauren Spenceley


What our families say....

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“My daughter is passionate about dancing and enjoys each and every moment that she is involved in EDI. As a performing arts educator myself I am consistently in awe of the passion and dedication of Miss Lauren and her team."


Mother of eight year old

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"Both my girls love doing ballet at Tippy Toes, even my very shy toddler, and it's because the teachers are so fantastic and skilled at helping kids with a range of personalities in a supportive environment. Also love the fact that the school has a no-makeup policy and teaches age-appropriate dancing."


Mother of two & five year old

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"We love the jazz class it's just the sort of dance class I have been looking for. Great music, challenging steps that encourage coordination but still easy enough to follow so the children feel like they are accomplishing great dance moves. This was the perfect class for my daughter's introduction to the world of dance"


Mother of five years old

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