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creative movers for kids


Creative Movers Syllabus

Rambert Grades stands as the epitome of contemporary dance training and education. The Creative Dance for Early Years curriculum is rooted in a focus on process and creativity, empowering teachers to foster and nurture emerging talent. This hands-on framework positions examinations as pivotal celebratory milestones in the journey of each student.

The Rambert approach is characterised by inclusivity, welcoming students of all abilities and backgrounds to engage in formal dance training. Emphasising imagination and interpretation of movement, the Rambert Grades training is holistic in nature, fostering transferable skills and the overall development of each dancer as a comprehensive individual.


Developing Skills

This curriculum creates a vibrant space for students to delve into exploration, playfulness, and the exchange of ideas, allowing them to move harmoniously with their peers.

In the realm of Creative Dance for Early Years, budding dancers will cultivate a heightened awareness of their bodies and space, coupled with a foundation in fundamental contemporary dance techniques.

Whether embodying an animal, adopting a character, or venturing into alternate realms, students will not only execute predetermined movement sequences but also engage in turns, rolls, swings, balances, and stretches with unbridled creativity.

The proficiency gained at this stage becomes a stepping stone for students to advance seamlessly through the subsequent levels of the Rambert Grades. 

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