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What do we want to achieve in the Academy Program?

Our objective is to bring out the best in our dancers, highlighting their talent and preparing them for a future as a dancer/performer in today's forever evolving world of dance and performing arts.

The program is carefully considered with the health and well-being of the students put first. We aim to elevate their dance ability without impacting physical and mental well-being, and their traditional education commitments will not be impacted. The program covers a diversity of genres and styles for a well-rounded dance education program.


What is our Academy program?

Academy is a program within our school designed to elevate and extend those young dancers who wish to take their dancing a little more seriously, and possibly have enough interest to take their performing into the future as a teacher, performer or choreographer.

We have two streams of Academy;

  • Classical - Ballet based and including Contemporary and Acrodance

  • Performers - more focussed in Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre with Acrodance and Contemporary

Additionally, the Academy will be divided into 2 streams (based on skill level with age taken into account) to allow those more advanced dancers to continue to develop quickly and new dancers to enter the ranks at the right level.

The children who audition for Academy will be attending dance between 3 and 4 days a week, depending on what genres they choose to do. The will attend regular Eden Dance Institute classes and add extra three Academy streamed classes for Contemporary, Acrodance and Performance / choreography. Additionally we will arrange special experiences for them;

  • Workshops with guest teachers in their selected genres

  • Professional experiences (watching ballet company class, musical company rehearsals)

  • Competitions

  • More performance opportunities within Eden Dance Institute


What do we expect from our Academy students?

The students who are selected for Academy will have extra expectations and responsibilities. We do expect them to be more self-sufficent and we are the parents to work together with us to help us achieve important life skills like packing their own dance bag, wearing correct uniform, practising at home where appropriate and maintaining excellent attendance, Academy will serve as a dance team. Just as sports teams require all players to attend practise, dance companies require their dancers to attend all classes and rehearsals. Absences will not only affect the individual dancer, but the group as a whole.

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EDI is not not afraid to do things differently, and our payment system is one way we are making the dance experience more manageable for families!


EASY monthly payments made by direct debit each month.

SIMPLE  Nothing more to pay! Your child will be provided with everything they need to get the most out of their dance experience, you don't need to organise a thing!

CONVENIENT budgeting for families, there are no hidden costs and invoices to pay throughout the year!

Here's what is included:​​

  • All administration, insurance and licensing fees

  • Term time tuition

  • Uniform

  • Dance shoes

  • Recital fees

  • Recital costume

  • Videography

  • Photography

One Class Per Week


Per Month

Two Class Per Week


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Three Class Per Week


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Four Class Per Week


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Five Classes Per Week


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