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  • What is Tippy Toes? ​
    Tippy Toes is the pre-school program for Eden Dance Institute. The program specialises in dance classes for children from two to six years (inclusive). Classes focus on the children's love for dance in an age appropriate and developmentally sound way. Children who attend will benefit from exposure to classical music and develop their gross motor skills, confidence, imagination and social skills in a fun and nurturing environment.
  • My child has never danced before, are the classes suitable for absolute beginners?"
    Yes, we have classes suitable for new beginners for every age group. Refer to choosing a class.
  • What happens in a Tippy Toes Dance Class?
    Usually a lot of giggling and proud moments! The children warm-up, stretch, complete barre/mat work and movement across the room every class! This is punctuated with free dance and bubbles depending on how the class has progressed! ​
  • Can I watch my child's class?
    Parents are welcome to watch the classes from the seats in the studio, or wait in the waiting room. You will know what works best for your child, some need more reassurance than others, some do better with parents not in the room! If you feel your little one needs even more reassurance (particularly the baby ballerinas) you are welcome to sit beside them, or join in! I must ask that parents who are observing the class, keep talking to an absolute minimum- if you are engaged in the class your child will be too!
  • My child is really shy; I am worried they won't want to join in?
    Classes are designed so that each child can take steps towards independence in their own time. You can be right by their side for as long as they need. The Tippy Toes community is something we are most proud of, each child is valued, respected and encouraged. Our experience is that, where our guidelines for promoting independence are followed even the most shy children are happy and engaged by their third week!​
  • Can my child attend a trial class?
    Yes, where there are spots in the class we are happy for you to trial a class. We understand that you may be apprehensive about enrolling your little one in a new activity and we are more than happy for you to come and see what we are all about, please bare in mind though, that a child's participation in the first few weeks is not a true reflection of how much they will enjoy and get out of their classes. Please note that Tippy Toes classes fill quickly and priority is given to enrolments over trial classes. You can register for a trial class through the Enrol Now tab.
  • How many children are in each class?
    We keep our classes very small- A maximum of 10, or 12 where a second teacher is present.
  • How much does it cost?
    We use an all-inclusive monthly payment structure which means you can spread the cost of dancing through monthly payments and your child will be provided with everything they need for an amazing dance experience and education. Tippy Toes classes are $80/month to attend one class per week, or $140/month for children taking two classes a week, e.g. ballet and acro.
  • Will my child be entered in to competitions or performances?
    Competitions are not in-line with the values of Tippy Toes. Early in term 4 we conduct a low key recital and the rest of the year is spent enjoying specially themed and festive classes. The recital is a great opportunity for children to get on stage and share their dancing with their families and spend some time socialising with other dancers celebrating the end of the school year. We have found that the recital is amazing contributor to the children’s confidence and development and we have been successful in supporting the most reluctant performers on the stage! Participation in the recital is encouraged and all associated costs are included in our all inclusive fee structure. No make-up is to be worn and dress is kept age appropriate. There are no extra rehearsals associated with the recital so it is a stress-free experience for families!
  • Can my child do a make-up class if they miss their usual class?
    Yes, we offer up to two make-up classes per term where a student is unable to make their usual class and reasonable notice is provided, as per our terms and conditions. Occasionally it isn't possible when all the similar classes are full but we always endeavour to find an option that will work
  • How long do classes run?
    45 minutes.
  • What should my child wear?
    As part of our all-inclusive fee structure all children will receive dancewear when they enrol, including appropriate dance shoes. However, it is not compulsory to wear a uniform and we completely understand what one child is comfortable in may be completely different to another. Here are a few pointers to help your child stay safe and get the most out of their class, after this tutu’s, ruffles and anything else they can think of are fine! Barefeet or ballet shoes only. Socks alone are too slippery. Our teachers need to see what your child’s ankles and knees are up to! Leggings, tights or bare legs are suitable. Children's hair should be tied up out of their face Make-up or revealing costume wear is not permitted.
  • Where to after Tippy Toes?
    Once your child enters year one they will be invited to join the Elegance or Elevate programs of Eden Dance Institute. Here they can continue their recreational dancing and/or formalise their ballet training and begin grading using the Australian Conservertoire of Ballet's russian style syllabus.
  • What if my child wishes to take a break for a while?
    We understand that sometimes little ones like to try different activities, perhaps consider a change of genre before withdrawing from EDI. If you are sure your child would like to take a break please provide one months written notice. You can re-enrol at any time and no registration fee will be charged but please note non-continuous enrolments will incur a surcharge for recital costs and spaces cannot be reserved in classes.
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