Creative Arts


Our creative arts program is designed for children 4-8 years. Incorporating many creative arts this program delivers a dynamic and beneficial activity for both dancers and non-dancers. With complimentary extended hours, everyone can relax as the children immerse themselves in play-based and imaginative learning including:

dance     art     craft    drama    yoga 

acro     acting     singing     games

     Highly trained and qualified educators


     Convenient Drop Off and Pick Up times for busy parents


     Self-contained building and amenities

Leap like a lion across the Savannah, crawl through caves like a bear, party with Simba and relax under the sea with Nemo! Get ready for a day adventure and monkeying around!

A Journey into the Animal Kingdom

Pack your bags, we've got your passport covered! Jet around the world today, you'll join a tribe in Africa, eat Pizza in Italy, visit the Rockettes in NYC and practice yoga in front of the Taj Mahal!

A Journey Around the World

Time to build a rocket so we can moonwalk on the moon and fly between the stars. Today we will be making friends with aliens and exploring the elements from far away planets!

A Journey in to Space


little explorers series- January 2020

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