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Our creative arts program is designed for children 4-7 years. Incorporating many creative arts this program delivers a dynamic and beneficial activity for both dancers and non-dancers. With complimentary extended hours, everyone can relax as the children immerse themselves in play-based and imaginative learning including:

Dance | Art | Craft | Drama | Yoga | Acro | Acting | Singing | Games

  • Highly trained and qualified educators

  • Self-contained building and amenities

  • Sessions run for a full 6 hours, with complimentary care 8:30am-9am and 3-5pm

  • $85 per session

  • Bring along your food and water. Don't worry if you don't have shoes for each of the dance genres offered we have a large stock at the studio that you can borrow for the day!



Little Explorers- 28th-30th September


TUESDAY- 28th September

Leap like a lion across the Savannah, crawl through caves like a bear, party with Simba and relax under the sea with Nemo! Get ready for a day adventure and monkeying around as we journey in to the animal kingdom!

WEDNESDAY- 28th September


Pack your bags, we've got your passport covered! Jet around the world on the second day of our creative arts program, you'll join a tribe in Africa, eat Pizza in Italy, visit the Rockettes in NYC and practice yoga in front of the Taj Mahal!

9am-3pm | $85 per day

Complimentary care

8:30-9am & 3-5pm

THURSDAY- 30th September

Time to build a rocket so we can moonwalk on the moon and fly between the stars. On the third and final day of our creative arts program we will be making friends with aliens and exploring the elements of far away planets!

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